Skid steer loaders

ModelBrandWeightWidthHeightEngine powerLifting capacityPDF
2012Mustang1352 kg914 mm1897 mm24 pk385 kg
2026Mustang1814 kg1397 mm1786 mm35 pk476 kg
2041Mustang2087 kg1422 mm1826 mm46 pk612 kg
2044Mustang2622 kg1494 mm1973 mm49,5 pk657 kg
2054Mustang2948 kg1565 mm1973 mm49,5 pk748 kg
1350RMustang2303 kg1372 mm1908 mm46.3 pK612 kg
1500RMustang267 kg1562 mm1948 mm46.3 pK680 kg
1650RMustang2776 kg1562 mm1948 mm69.9 pK745 kg
1900RMustang3108 kg1676 mm2032 mm69.3 pK861 kg
2056 Serie IIMustang3129 kg1575 mm1981 mm68 pK861 kg
2200RMustang3610 kg1778 mm2057 mm72 pK997 kg
2076Mustang3393 kg1709 mm2060 mm70.7 pK997 kg
2600RMustang3710 kg1778 mm2057 mm72 pK1179 kg
2086Mustang3583 kg1709 mm2060 mm70.7 pK1179 kg
2700V NXT2Mustang3696 kg1778 mm2057 mm70.7 pK1224 kg
3300V NXT2Mustang4123 kg1880 mm2085 mm70.7 pK1495 kg
4000VMustang5034 kg2134 mm2083 mm99 pK1814 kg

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